MidAmerica Federal Reduces Paper Reports Distribution From 30,000 Sheets Per Day To Virtually None

Mar 16, 1998

             Bell & Howell Protocorp's PCI/Reports Electronically
                      Supplies Daily Report Information

    CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Bell & Howell Protocorp, a
business unit of Bell & Howell Company (NYSE: BHW), announced Clarendon Hills,
Illinois-based MidAmerica Federal Savings Bank, a wholly-owned subsidiary of
MAF Bancorp, Inc. (Nasdaq: MAFB), has eliminated almost all of their internal
printed reports after the installation of PCI/Reports.  PCI/Reports enables
MidAmerica Federal to electronically search and view reports produced by their
host application from any networked PC in the bank's 20 plus branches.
Reports may also be printed or faxed if needed.
    Ken Rusdal, senior vice president of operations and information systems
for MidAmerica, said, "When MidAmerica made the decision to install Bell &
Howell's PCI/Reports, my goal was to eliminate 80% of our printed reports.  It
is hard to believe, but we have eliminated almost all printed material from
our offices.  Daily we printed approximately 30,000 pages of report
information, or roughly 7.5 million pages per year, that was distributed to
senior management as well as to all the branches.  Now those reports are
distributed electronically." MidAmerica currently operates 21 branches over a
wide area network and considers itself on the leading edge when it comes to
installing technology and providing quality service to its customers.
    MidAmerica employs client-server technology in their branches; loan
officers are all equipped with laptop PCs; artificial intelligence is used in
the underwriting process; and all appraisals are on-line.  "Having the most
technologically advanced Computer Output to Laser Disk (COLD) product was
important to senior management. They wanted the return on their investment
quickly and with PCI/Reports, we were able to see it in about a year.  The
expenses we saved from not having to purchase reams of paper and not paying
courier charges alone justified the system," Rusdal continued.
    Quality service and answering customer calls are also a top priority for
MidAmerica.  Rusdal added, "PCI/Reports enables us to answer customer
questions immediately.  Before PCI/Reports it could take us two days to
respond to a customer request as to why they were charged a NSF fee. Now a
customer service representative can easily access a copy of the customer's
statement right on the screen and solve their problem immediately.  Response
time to our customers is instantaneous."  Using Bell & Howell's PCI/Reports
eliminates the need for microfiche and paper. Report data is downloaded from
the host application nightly.  The program indexes the reports according to
the bank's specifications for easy access.  Reports can even be customized to
meet unique needs of the financial institution. Rusdal said, "I would purchase
the system again tomorrow if necessary. The system was very well received by
everyone, the implementation was easy, response time has greatly been
improved, and the payback was within a year."
    MAF Bancorp is the parent company of MidAmerica Federal Savings Bank, a
federally-chartered stock savings bank.  The bank operates a network of 21
retail banking offices primarily in Chicago and its western suburbs.  The
Company's stock trades on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the symbol MAFB.
Additional information about MAF Bancorp and MidAmerica Federal Savings Bank
is available on the Internet at http://www.mafbancorp.com.
    For additional information on MidAmerica Federal Savings Bank, contact Ken
Rusdal at (630) 325-7300 or write 55th Street and Holmes Avenue, Clarendon
Hills, Illinois 60514-1569.
    Bell & Howell Company, headquartered in Skokie, Ill., is a leading
worldwide provider of solutions for information access and distribution.
Additional information about Bell & Howell Company is available on the
Internet at http://www.bellhowell.com.
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