Students Complete More Than Five Billion Learning A-Z Digital and Mobile Activities

Jan 10, 2017

TUCSON, Ariz., Jan. 10, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Learning A-Z®, a leading provider of PreK–6 literacy-focused products and a division of Cambium Learning® Group, Inc., announced today that students using the company's digital resources have completed more than a billion eLearning activities since March 2016 and more than five billion eLearning activities since 2005.

Through Learning A-Z's eLearning portal Kids A-Z, students can read developmentally appropriate books, draft digital compositions, create their own books, and complete comprehension quizzes and summative English Language Arts (ELA) practice assessments. Students can access resources independently and as assigned by their teachers.

"As education continues to shift more to a blended model, it's critical that we ensure students have easy access to developmentally appropriate content in multiple formats," said Bob Holl, president and cofounder of Learning A-Z.

"The fact that we continue to see students completing more and more assignments and accessing more and more texts to build reading fluency and practice literacy skills on their own is a testament to the importance of making learning more accessible through technology. That students completed more than a billion eLearning activities in the past nine months is a clear indicator of where the focus of education is heading."

Learning A-Z's student eLearning portal, Kids A-Z, contains all the digital learning resources available on Raz-Plus, Raz-Kids®, Headprout®, Science A-Z®, Writing A-Z, and ReadyTest A-Z. With their teacher's classroom subscription, students can effortlessly access every product, anytime, through a computer or mobile device.  

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About Learning A–Z
Learning A-Z® is a literacy-focused PreK–6 education technology provider. Our products blend traditional teacher-led instruction with technology-enabled resources to make teaching more effective and efficient, practice more accessible and personalized, assessment more strategic and automated, and learning more informed and proactive. Our suite of products includes: Raz-Plus, Reading A-Z, Raz-Kids®, Headsprout®, Science A-Z®, Writing A-Z, Vocabulary A-Z, and ReadyTest A-Z.  Learning A-Z's resources are used by more than 5 million students in more than 170 countries. Learning A-Z is a business unit of Cambium Learning® Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:ABCD), based in Dallas, Texas.

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About Cambium Learning Group, Inc.
Cambium Learning® Group is a leading educational solutions and services company committed to helping all students reach their full potential. Cambium Learning accomplishes this goal by providing evidence-based solutions and expert professional services to empower educators and raise the achievement levels of all students. The company is composed of four business units: Learning A-Z® (, ExploreLearning® (, Kurzweil Education® (, and Voyager Sopris Learning® ( Together, these business units provide breakthrough technology solutions for online learning and professional support; best-in-class intervention and supplemental instructional materials; gold-standard professional development and school-improvement services; valid and reliable assessments; and proven materials to support a positive and safe school environment. Cambium Learning Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:ABCD), is based in Dallas, Texas. For more information, please visit

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